Timber Awning Window 1030h x 910w




Product Description

Awning windows are designed for all weather convenience. The awning window is manufactured with two hook hinges that are placed on the head of the window and designed to be opened out from the sill or transom rail. This means the sash can be opened in sunshine or rain to provide adequate ventilation to your home.

Our awning windows are also available with a range of optional glass selections including double glazing. Adding double glazing to your awning windows will provide superior insulation, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Awning windows are attractive and practical, their simplicity and clean design sets them apart.

Please note: All windows listed are fit for a purpose (as manufactured) however if the window is glazed, it is the purchasers responsibility to ensure it is used in a correct application. Check with your building contractor if unsure.

Our Timber Awning windows are made from Meranti and come standard with White lockable winders.

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